Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
— Andrew Carnegie

OUR Founders


Mark Wallenwine

Mark is the storyteller. His stories never get old, even if you've heard them 437 times. Before launching New Tie Productions Mark was the lead graphic designer for an international non-profit and had several years of training and work experience as a filmmakerHe is a photographer, videographer, sketch artist, painter, designer, traveler and hoarder of random facts. In his free time, Mark enjoys binge watching crime shows on Netflix, eating burgers, flying remote control helicopters, and playing with his kid's toys while they are sleeping.

Amy Wallenwine

Amy is an entrepreneur. She sees a potential business in anything. Before joining the team at New Tie, Amy was running her own specialty cake and cupcake business along with teaching piano lessons. Amy has a running list of her "most highly disliked words". These words include: "flesh", "whatnot", "boyfriend" and "swell". She loves spending time with her kids, playing piano, baking, drinking homemade iced coffee and reading blogs.  




We work with a group of artists, writers and filmmakers to get the job done. Some are regulars around here while others are contractors that we work with on an as needed basis. 



Our Values

Our values are simple "To love God and love others." With that in mind we have couple things that are near and dear to our heart. Around New Tie we like to refer to these things as SET. 


S – Support

At New Tie we want to be supportive of churches and non-profits. New Tie gives a discount on our hourly rate to these types of organizations.


E – Equip

We want our New Tie employees to be equipped to help our their local community. With that in mind each employee is allowed and encouraged to take 4 hours per week of company time to help out their local church or non-profit of their choice. Employees are also allowed to use company equipment such as computer, cameras, lenses etc.


T – Train

It is our desire at New Tie Productions to identify and develop the next generation of leaders. We desire to do this through two avenues. The first being to train students and give them the necessary job skills that they need to be successful anywhere, not just at our company. The second is an employee personal development program that continues to grow each of our employees both personally and professionally.




The number one question that we get asked is, "What are your rates?" The truth we like to bid projects that interest us and work with people that we believe in. Do we have rates? If rates are knowing what we need to make in order keep the lights on then yes... but our bottom line is we like to make great art and work with amazing people. If that sounds like you then click on the button below and lets get this process rolling!