Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) released in the fall of 2013 their goal to reach 100 million children per year with the Gospel message. With this announcement came the need for a brochure to inform both new and long standing ministry partners of not only the goal, but how CEF intends to reach their goal.

We wanted the brochure to be as attention grabbing as CEF's goal. With that in mind we did a custom shape (7"x7"), die cut, foil stamp and a Pantone silver metallic ink. The die cut allowed for a tab to be formed out of the far right zero. This tap allowed the brochure to keep closed and have a unique gate fold presentation.

Originally we had wanted to foil stamp everything on the front cover, but we ran into problems with the CEF logo having extremely small type that didn't hold up well under the foil stamping process. So in order to keep with the original design, but to maintain the highest standard of quality we decided to go with a Pantone silver metallic ink for the CEF logo. To bring balance to the design we decided to print the line "Is it possible?" with silver metallic ink as well.