We had the pleasure of working on the 2014 View Book for Word of Life Bible Institute. The project goal was to completely rebuild the brochure from the ground up. This would allow the opportunity to better talk about the schools programs and show visually what a student could expect to experience on campus.

Above: The opening spread of the brochure featuring a letter from the Chancellor of the school and a set of info graphs to give a broad overview of the college.

To start the piece off we wanted to give perspective students a broad and informative look at the school. If you notice the graphic to the far right it gives a financial breakdown of the average annual amount saved by attending Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) over another Christian College or University. We (New Tie Productions) did an independent study of other Christian colleges and Universities in the United States. Only after doing the proper research were we able to put together the graphic at the top right. Also the amount of hours necessary to pay back $18,914 was calculated on the United States national minimum wage average for 2013 (when the brochure was created).

WOLBI has numerous campuses around the United States and the world. To adequately promote the college as a whole we wanted to allow students to not just asses campus amenities, but also on the surrounding attractions that best suited each student. For example if a student was interested in outdoor and extreme sports, enjoyed nature and loved snow the New York campus would clearly be a contender. However, if they preferred lounging by the pool, city skylines and warm weather than the Florida campus might be a better option. Regardless we wanted students to know that they didn't have to look elsewhere to get the college experience that they wanted.

While having a good location for a college or university is important a students decision is largely going to be affected by the amenities offered on campus. That is why we went to extra effort to show the wide range of activities offered. Many of which had not been mentioned in prior brochures or publications.

Above is an example on one of the spreads that markets to the amount of opportunities WOLBI gives students to be involved in hands on ministry.

In whatever we do we want to give our clients the tools that they need to get the results that they want. We designed this brochure to have an included application that was attached to the brochure and could easily be torn off due to a perforated line. The content in this brochure along with the inclosed application allowed the WOLBI admissions team to obtain a drastic increase in on the spot applications at collage fairs and one on one interviews with students.