About the Invitation: The event is by invite only.  The goal of the invitation is for the recipient to feel like they are being invited to a vacation not a fund faising event.  To accomplish this the photography focuses on the hotel and the surrounding landscape. In the eight page invitation we only used one photo the was connected to the organization inviting the participants and that is the photo you see below at the left of the spread.

Above: Is the cover for the giving portfolio.

About the Giving Portfolio: The Giving Portfolio is a twelve page document that is handed out to guests during the last session of the weekend.  During this session the guests are presented the vision of the ministry and how they can be a part ot it.

Why Langham Partnership? After the invitations had already gone out the ministry had a name change and barnding re-design to avoid as much confusion as possible nothing with the new name or logo was shown until the event.  Also, on all of the event media was placed a square logo that states Fomerly John Stott Ministries to help elmininate confusion.

PowerPoint Title Slide

From the Invitation to the Giving Portfolio everything was given the same graphical look and feel, even the on screen graphics.  For this event we even animated the on screen graphics that were then used at the front of all of the videos for the weekend.