Magi is a traveling Christmas show that is produced by Word of Life Fellowship. We were commissioned to design the show's poster art. The artwork for this show was going to have multiple uses and would need to look pleasing cropped at different aspect ratios. With this in mind we created a photo composite that had multiple floating elements. This allowed the image to look good at any crop or resolution. Resulting in the ability to make large high resolution posters at 33" x 80" to 5" x 7" postcards for mailing. Below you will see some variants on what became the final product as well as the final artwork itself shown in two different aspect ratios to give better understanding of the flexibility of the image.

Above: Some of the variations on what was to become the final image. You will notice on the far left an iteration with storm clouds, while the one on the far right features a more peaceful sky and christmas star. At this point in the process we at New Tie Productions still give several options. We want to help guide our clients to a final product that they are truly happy with and we believe that is only going to happen if people have a part in the creative process.

Above: Is the final poster art for the production. You can also see the the final art that is cropped for the large 33" x 80" poster. Hopefully between these two images you can see the versatility in the design and how we achieved our goal of making a consistent piece of art that could work in multiple aspect ratios.