The goal of this project was to update the design of Word of Life Youth and Family Camps annual program guide. Our client wanted to update the design while maintaining visual cues of past layouts. 

Above: The cover designs for 2013-2015 New York Program Guides

Above: Cover designs for both the New York and Florida program guides for 2013. While these are two different camps we wanted the design between the two to be similar in order to give immediate brand recognition.

To help update the design we introduced clean lines and modern fonts. We wanted the layouts to be simple and easy to navigate in order for the consumer to be able to quickly find the information that they were looking for.

Some of Word of Life Youth and Family Camps do not have their own logo. In order to keep the design consistent we made icons based on iconic buildings from each of these camps properties. We took pictures of each of the buildings then brought them into Adobe Illustrator and traced them by hand. 

Above: Word of Life Ranch & Ranger Camp is focused on children ages 6-12. We wanted an image that showcased the camp in a fun kid friendly way. So we took several images of the camps western main street and illustrated it to look like a cartoon.